APH Giveaways!

*EDIT: Thanks for the lovely comments guys. But to join, please make sure you start your comment with “ APH DOMINATION VE! VE!! VE!!! I want these stuffs ..."

And, FYI, I am not the cosplayers in the video =)

And so I told you guys, I’ll being giving something away from APH Day. Here they are =)

Much thanks to Dan, Xiaobai, Jia-er, Jesuke, Kyubi and the North Italy Cosplayer for helping me film this! I felt really guilty dragging them out of the event hall to do this but… you gotta admit they are a better candidate to do this video than me xD

A Mobile Phone strap of Italy (please enlighten me if I get it wrong T_T). It’s made of cut out acrylic I think.

Britain & Pirate Britain Badge. American San badge not for giveaway because I earned the badge and so wants to keep it xD 

I have no idea why I took a picture of it together with the giveaways @_@
APH Halloween themes postcard printed on premium paper. 

 P1140470 P1140469 P1140468
Throwing my very ‘chopped’ passport and “World Domination” sticker, just for the fun of it xD. I’m sure APH fans would enjoy reading the rules and looking at the cute stickers of each country.

I’m gonna do things a little different this time. Instead of selecting the winner with random.org, I want you guys to leave me a comment and TELL ME why you should get these stuff! The most sincere and creative comment/answer wins =)
To participate, you must start your comment with  “ APH DOMINATION VE! VE!! VE!!! I want these stuffs ... “
Giveaway ends on 4th of November!! I will bear SGD5 of the shipping and if there is anymore, the winner will have to pay for it him/herself. This giveaway is open to anyone worldwide ^_^

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