Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion Photos + Giveaway

Just caught the Puella Magi Madoka Magica's newest movie; Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion!

Madoka Magica The Movie–Rebellion- Trailer

The show only opened 4 shows on 2 weekends in Singapore at Orchard Cineleisure. With very limited seats up for grabs you can be sure it was hard to get it xD. Presale tickets opened last week at 12pm and according to my friend who bought our tickets, near 80% was already sold out by 12:30pm.


The fans eagerly queuing to enter the theatre. Oh look! Madoka cosplay!!


The movie begun with a short commentary video by the seiyuus. They greeted and cheered on the overseas launch of the PMMM movie. They then proceed to give their comment one by one. Kyoko’s seiyuu came across as the quirkiest as the main takeaway from her speech was asking the fans to look forward to the movie because Kyouko will be in a School Uniform 8D. Even though I've met some Japanese seiyuus before, it still felt queer to see humans talk with anime-ish voices xD

The movie was 112 minutes long and I'd have to say I enjoyed it greatly. It isn't the sort of movies that keeps you at the edge of your seat but the visual spectacle, plot twists and character dynamics does keep you very entertained.  


The movie continues the distinctively PMMM art style in this movie and gives the audience a visual treat on the big scale (literally LOL). I never quite got the Artsy Fatsy Marchen style in the anime but by the time I got to this movie, I think I've pretty much become accustomed to it. I guess even the handling of the graphics seemed to be a 'rebellious' attempt at distancing itself from the Magical Girl mould.


One distinct difference in the treatment of the Movie from the Anime was the inclusion of song and dance and very elaborate henshin (transformation). Somewhere around the beginning of the movie, there was a part where all 5 of the girls transformed one after another each featuring a different style of dance. Mami was expectedly dancing the graceful ballet , Madoka was doing modern pop dance, Kyoko was doing something like a passionate sort of tap dance (or maybe tango!), Sayaka was doing breakdance and Homura…… I think she was just swinging around LOL.

The beginning of the movie showed the 5 girls working seamlessly to defeat their enemy and it featured this cake song at a round table. The girls were singing this one after another in a Game chant sort of way. A friend thought this part was very difficult to watch and I admit, I didn’t get it at all but then it is PMMM and it is weird because it likes being weird.

A new character called Bebe is introduced into the group and Sayaka gets a much bigger role this time. I must admit, I was pretty against Sayaka in the anime but this movie turned my vote a little. In fact, this movie has made me rediscover the real Sayaka , a kind and active girl that is actually really nice before Kyosuke.


Akin to the Gen Urobuchi's style in the anime series, the movie also features plot twists in the movie that seemed to pile on top of one another like pancakes. Like my friend commented, the intensity of the story and its many twists did made it hard to immerse yourself entirely into the movie as you are constantly trying to link the Anime with what just happened on screen at the back of your mind. Kinda like inception lol.


It doesn't help either that the twists tend to happen quickly one after the other at the end.


Attack on Kyubehs xD


Overall, this is a pretty good piece of work with entirely new content and stunning graphics. Take heart though, diehard PMMM fans might find the ending hard to stomach. The effort of the production crew really showed as the animation quality are top notch and viewing on the big screen made all the difference! HD to the max XD !!!

I have a lot of rambles and complains and fangirl wimbles I want to say about the movie but to not spoil anyone who hasn’t watched it yet, I shall blog that at my personal/beauty blog (http://elpheal.blogspot.sg).



Now for some event photographs!


It’s not often for Anime Movies to make it to the big screens in Singapore so the local distributors usually make it into an exclusive screening event of some sort. For the PMMM movie, a small booth was set up at level 5 (Orchard Cineleisure) to sell movie merchandise to the fans. In the photo above you see fans from after the movie, gathering at the booth. It was so hard to get a decent photograph!


Phoot credit: AFAChan.asia


Avid fans also gathered around the poster for a photo opportunity! I wanted to take a photo with it too but ended up forgetting T_T And why didn’t Cineleisure print a full wall poster for this movie T_T?



What’s an exclusive screening without cosplays? Here’s a Kaname Madoka cosplayer, isn’t she lovely? From what I saw on my facebook feed, someone cosplayed as Sayaka in the morning screening XD!



The tickets cost $20 and with each ticket comes a special Shikishi (Replica) autographed by the voice actresses. My friend and I got the above two!

I’m really bad at keeping stuffs so I think it’s better for me to just give them away. So yes, I’m holding a giveaway! I haven’t decided whether to give one or both of them away but If you are interested to get it, leave a comment on this blog entry and tell me why you should get it.

STEP 1) To win the merchandise, do either of the below …

STEP 2) Leave a comment but start your comment with  “ Puella Magi Madoka Magica is seriously too long a title…”

Giveaway ends on 15th of February and will be announced here. I have decided it’s only fair for the winner to take the effort to check back at the blog instead of having myself chase after them for their address. Holding a giveaway is troublesome and not entirely free you know =\

If the winner doesn’t reply within the given deadline, the merchandise will be given to a next winner! I will bear SGD5 of the shipping and if there is anymore, the winner will have to pay for it him/herself. This giveaway is open to anyone worldwide \^_^/

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