Rurouni Kenshin : Trust & Betrayal (Photoshoot 2 )

This is part 2 of the Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal Photoshoot (you can see Part 1 of the photoshoot by clicking here). I flew over to Manila last November to have this magical photo-shoot with Jin and Reskiy.


Yukishiro Tomoe was my very first cosplay and it is a dream come true to re-shoot it again with Jin who’s as big a fan of this couple as me.  I’m sure cosplayers would understand what this mean; it’s one thing to partner with someone who does a good cosplay and another to partner with someone who absolutely loves the series! I always prefer the latter because they always makes the whole journey so much more enjoyable!  It was such a wonderful experience to be able to shoot this series of photos because all 3 of us were big fans of this arc and really wanted to tell the story of Kenshin and Tomoe .


I liked this arc for the sheer fact that it portrayed Kenshin out to be such a normal human; a normal man who falls in love  and would risk all things to save the woman he loves.  I know he did that all the time for Kaoru and other people before this arc but this particular arc just makes him out to be such a lover boy hahahaa. Without further ado, let’s begin the photo .


Himura Battousai/Kenshin: Jin (behindinfinity)
Yukishiro Tomoe: Kaika/ Elpheal











"I’ve been through a lot of bad times. I was born in the middle of a famine. I lost my parents and brothers. Since the age of ten I’ve trained relentlessly under the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu and now I’m a shadow assassin. Up till now, In my dealings with people, I haven’t had a lot to smile about . . . “






“ I wield my sword and killed for an age where the powerless can find happiness.

But to tell the truth, up till now I didn’t know what happiness was. “





What I’ve come to fight for and what I’ll fight for from now on, living these five months in the country with you , has given me my answer.”






"Thank you for showing me these warmer parts of life."






“ 1864, autumn . . .




“ When he is not killing, he is too gentle. “






“ He’ll kill again but… the lives he’ll protect is more than that he takes. He must not die here.


                                               "Farewell, my second love."





"Tomoe, I will protect you."






“ Tomoe . . . Tomoe . . . Why?? “








“ It’s alright Kenshin, so please don’t cry”

“I’m sorry”





We’ve come to the end of our Kenshin x Tomoe Photo set. I’m really happy we got to do this and I’m still gawking at Jin’s amazing talents in not just Cosplay but photo editing too. Even as someone who was part of the production, when I go through these pictures, I find myself so drawn into Kenshin and Tomoe’s tragic romance as I relive those memories of their story.


hope you’ve enjoyed the photo as much as we enjoyed taking them. Mega thanks to everyone who made this shoot possible! Leave us a comment if you like these pictures!

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