Would you wana see my cosplays?

I know it sounds dumb to be asking this on my OWN cosplay blog. But I guess I just wanna know....

As you guys can tell, this blog is really not so much about me but more of the hobby. My opinions and coverage yes but not......me. Because I'm shy *gets bashed by invisible internet punches*

Okay okay....truth is, with many of my own upcoming cosplay plans, life, holiday, work etc etc.... I'm finding it harder and harder to dedicate time to the blog. Reading it might be easy but typing and gathering information for this blog sure isn't @_@

No, I'm not going away.

I just wanna know what you guys think about me posting my OWN cosplay stuffs here, on TCC. I mean like .....my own photographs of erm......me. ARGH WHY AM I SO AWKWARD?!?! *Bash self*

Because I'm spending more time on actually cosplaying and doing my OWN costumes ...I'm getting lesser time to write stuffs for TCC so yeah.

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