The Cosplay Ball/ Medieval Banquet (Drefano’s Birthday Bash!)

What do you do when your birthday comes around?

The enthusiastic and hardworking lot of us would organize a big party while the nonchalant ones would make do with just dinner or movies. And then this big guy comes along and makes everyone of us feel ashamed of ourselves by organizing a Medieval Cosplay Ball/ Banquet! With full stage decorations, performance, kingdom dance, warriors, servants and… I’ll leave the climax to the end.

Have I lost you? In short, I attended one of the most smashing Birthday Banquet ever in the last Sunday of June. Annnnd I’m here to brag about it so you can feel sad you weren’t there XD Of course there cannot be a Birthday celebration without a Birthday kid, and he is none other than Singapore’s most muscular Cosplayer; Drefano. I don’t think he needs any introduction but just in case, here are his cosplays.

FATE/ZERO –03 by ~k-iricos


My Master's House by *Drefan-cosplay

Chris Redfield by *Drefan-cosplay


I LOVE YOU SONby *Drefan-cosplay

Triple Steel Combo by *Drefan-cosplay

Ruthless Pantyby *Drefan-cosplay

Tifa Rockhard preview by *Drefan-cosplay

Drefan painstakingly planned and organized this dream banquet for near half a year and the effort is easy to see. From the premium location to the expensive selection of menu and decorations, it takes comparatively little effort to estimate the effort and cost of this banquet. Which I might add, is comparable or even better than some weddings I’ve been to. We have to take our hats off to this guy who clearly demonstrates that he places just as much determination and persistence into other aspects of his life as his cosplays. And yes, none of us paid for anything.

The party was conceptualised as a Medieval Ball and the birthday boy was the King =)

I was up to my throat before the party so I couldn’t really confirm my attendance until the day itself. Lynweh and I were deliberating among ourselves whether we should gatecrash hahah! Thankfully the King was awesome and let us attends without prior RSVP. We got him what we hope he would like… Asian alcohol Choya!

The Ball was held in Four Seasons Hotel, a premium hotel in Orchard, Singapore. And it’s not called a Cosplay Ball/ Medieval Banquet for nothing; everything is themed down to the ‘T’! Check out all the pre planning!


This is the Four Seasons Ballroom in Four Seasons Hotel (duh). Biggest Ballroom in the hotel. But what I really wanted to direct your attention to, is the names of the areas and the touch of medieval-ness. Ale anyone xD?

I already knew this party would be over-the-top but I was still pretty blown away when I stepped into the pre-function (Foyer) area and saw these.


I was like “Holy Shietzz! It’s like a wedding banquet!!! And did the dude BOOKED THE ENTIRE AREA?!!?!  HOMG I MUST TAKE PEEKTURES!”

But as soon as I whipped out my camera, I was caught red handed by the King who happened to be walking his kingdom, oopss >////< ;; But I was still sensible enough to ask for a photo with him before his guards pull me away 8D

photo 3

Our manly King cosplaying as Rider from Fate/Zero.


Then I changed into a blonde to fit the theme better ;D I had wanted to wear knee high brown boots but 2 steps out of my doorsteps and I knew it would fall apart before the night ends so I changed into my Oxford inspired heels.


Walked into the banquet room and this is what I saw DDDD: !!!!!!!


The tables were long rectangles that very much fitted the theme xD Viking style!


And of course, if there’s a royalty around, there’s the red carpet. Along with the throne xD


And you were asking about the menu of the day? Read below.

Assorted Greens with Choice of Dressings and Condiments (VEGE)
Roasted Chicken Salad with Fennel and Citrus Segments
Seared Beef Carpaccio with Rocket Leaf and Parmesan (BEEF)
Calamari Salad with Capsicum, Olives and Caper Berries
“Vitello Tonnato”: Braised Sliced Veal Loin with Creamy
Tuna Sauce
Grilled Vegetables Platter with Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (VEGE)
Khoriatiki Greek Salad
Shrimps on Ice with Cocktail Sauce

Cream of Wild Mushroom

Garlic Roasted Leg of Lamb served with Rosemary Jus
Pepper Crusted Beef with Onion Compote and Natural Jus (BEEF)
French Cassoulet: Bean Stew with Duck Leg, Gizzard Confit (PORK)
Chicken Piccata with Caper Beurre Noisette
Crab Cake with Citrus Salsa and Pink Peppercorn
Baked Garoupa in Saffron Potato and Olive Broth
Vegetable Moussaka with Mozzarella Cheese (VEGE)
Spiced Spring Chicken with Onion Compote and Baked Lemon

Fresh Fruit Platter
Apricot and Pistachio Tart
Hazelnut Royaltine Chocolate Cake
Lemon Meringue Pie
Chocolate Pot de Crème
Sherry Trifle
Assorted Cheese Platter


Indeed, we feasted like deities that night. My biggest regret was not eating more T_T



The soup corner ! The Cream of Forest Wild Mushrooms was good and the cheese bread accompanying it was awesome <3


It was this thin and crispy kind of bread with grated cheese on top. Super yummy <3!


I’m not a fan of alcohol so I got this Ribena x Spirit drink.


And then it was time to toast the couple King!! You can image what a sight that was! What with the multiples of coloured hair and elaborate costumes all raising their cups and chorusing in unison. Other than Clive’s Cosplay Wedding Banquet, I’ve never seen any crowd Yum Seng (it’s a Toasting cheer we typically do in Asia) in costumes before xD


My second helping. Yes, I should have gotten more.


Peggy and Darcy.


Yuanie and me! We’re both blonde elves


For the whole time we were there, there was something was constantly happening on the stage. Kudos to the team of performers who did so much to entertain us! Remember to check out the video for snippets of their glorious performance! In this particular scene, they were singing a “Do You Hear the People Sing” from Les Miserables. The performance ended with them killing off one of the cosplayers acting as a noble xD

They also went on to sing “ One more day”.


Okay, I didn’t managed to film this part in time so pardon the bad picture.


Here’s YQ and Jas! Jas was the one acting as the Noble Open-mouthed smile 


Moar camwhores! It was nice chatting up with friends at the party =)


And then King Drefan summoned all the sword wielders to lend their swords for this picture xD


Natsu cosplaying as….. I only know the character is a King xD Jeoffrey?

King Drefan also kindly got us a room to store our props and baggage. And the key to that room is being held by the royal beast. His name is Vitaly 8D


He is the ferocious tiger okay! Not that pink girly poring


Look at how proudly and obediently he sat by the throne xD

Then it was time for the Clan Leaders to give their blessing to the King. I wonder if they rehearsed it because everything turned out so funny and in-character.


Kiellne cosplaying as an Amazoid (?) and wishing the King a big and muscular heart!

There was also a dance segment that a group of Cosplayers practised to perform. It was the Kingdom dance xD


The performers looked like they had so much fun! Wish I had more guts to join but I reckoned I better not in case I accidentally causes bodily harm to innocent bystanders  >///<


Darcy, Peggy and Maria with the King Drefan.


The king with YQ


The King with Yuanie!


Nobody to help this lowly elf (me) take photo with the King so I camwhore with him again lor. And look at how eager he was to get away from me 8D Haven't even press the shuttle and the King wants to leave already. Okok I get it, I’m too short to camwhore with our hulky and mighty tall King xD Poor dude needs to double bend to be in the same frame as me =_=;;;


With my table mates xD Randomly, when I was editing this picture, my mom saw it and remarked “Ha! fake Caucasians” LOL MOMMMM (/____\ )!!!!


Camwhore with Kelton.


With my fellow gatecrasher; the very cute and bubbly Lyweh. This girl is really quite lovely =) On a side note I’m totally loving how I love my eyebrows looked here! The new technique of making blonde eyebrow worked so well! Do you guys want a tutorial for the makeup and the ghetto elf ears xD?

wedding drefan

And then the party ended with an epic Cosplay Wedding walk in. Yes. A wedding Walk-in. No you didn’t read wrongly, I didn’t type wrongly either. It totally threw us off and left us flabbergasted but oh well, it did made for a really interesting memory XD

Watch the compiled video above. Yes, it’s 20 over minutes long 8D

I hope you enjoyed watching and reading as much as I had enjoyed the party. Once again, thank you to Drefan for putting so much effort into organising this dream party that in a way, allowed us to live out our own tiny fantasy too.

This post is originally posted on TheCosplaychronicles. If you see it anywhere else, it’s been stolen.

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