What Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girls) did for me

Looking back at one’s childhood is always a messy mixture of nostalgia and embarrassment. And when I took a serious look back at a childhood I’m usually too embarrassed to recall, I found a gem among the pile.

Our society is one that prizes logic and objective skills above artistic talents. But I am so glad I continued to keep Art a part of my life, and that growing up, I had Anime and Manga as a companion. I am sure my story is not unique and that Magical Girls as an icon, touched and inspired so many little girls throughout many generations.

This video is my finalist challenge entry for the Singapore Blog Awards 2013. The Cosplay Chronicles is a finalist for the Vlog Category so I would really appreciate it if you vote for the blog ;_; I know a Cosplay Blog/Vlog is unlikely to win but if you think this Blog/Youtube channel is worthy of voting, you can check out the voting instructions here.

This video had been so hard to create! The challenge topic was to find something in the 60s that inspires you and I was like “that’s so far away from me!”. Thank God everything eventually pieced together. It was at least 3 script drafts, 1.5 hours of screen capture video, countless hours of editing and sleeping at 5 / 6 am for a few nights.

Magical Angel Creamy Mamiby ~michivvya

Magical Angel Creamy Mamiby ~kotanimomo

My only hope now is that this video will rekindle some nostalgia. How do you guys find the video? What has Anime or Cosplay done for your life? Leave a comment and share with me ^^/

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