Simple DIY Body form

And so I found this online and thought I’d share this ingenious idea with you guys since Cosplayers are the only people I know who would find this useful/ interesting!

Photo found at : The Idea King

I like how the DIY started with a layer of t-shirt underneath. That layer of T-shirt will effectively prevent the duct tape’s adhesive from sticking onto you. But of course, since you will eventually have to cut through that T-shirt to get out of it, it’s recommended you use one that is cheap.

 *Edit: Melvin on Facebook gave an even better suggestion! Instead of T-shirts, we can use even cheaper black thrash bags! Those big ones you get for parties. You just need to cut armholes & Neck hole and that’s it! *

I wonder what’s that piece of grey rectangular fabric for? Have any of you tried this before? Comment and let me know!

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