Japan Fiesta: Video pimpage

I'm so late in pimping this @_@. Pardon the delay. Maria actually pimped me these videos a few days ago but I was too caught up with other work to post this. Anyway, here are some lovely video uploads by Hexlord and Xiongba.

As you guys know, I was away from the country and didnt went for the event. How many of you went and how was the event? Leave a comment and share with us ^^!

Interview with the many representatives from Korea, Japan and Singapore!

Performance by maria! Our very own Singapore WCS 2007 representative!

Rie from Japan! Also the WCS 2009 winner =)

I’m busy researching and prepping for a lot of stuffs at the moment so updates might be a little slow. Not like I think you guys will be affected anyway since everyone’s rushing for Cosfest now ahaha!

To my foreign readers, is there any big scale Cosplay events happening at your area soon xD?

Well, just to give you guys some titbit, I’m working on doing another small game for Cosfest (panic cosplayers reaction FTW!), cosplay tips, Hakama tutorial (like finally T_T?!) , Cosplayer room ransack and …….my own cosplay.

I feel tired just typing the above paragraph out oTL

So yeah, I’m working double hard to bring as much original content to you guys as I can so…..please support me yeah T_T? Sigh…sometimes I get caught up with so much hard labour (for TCC) , it makes me lose myself along with my motivation and I fall into the depressive pithole of self doubt…….

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