Rondo of the Sun & Moon (photoshoot 2)

And so I had a “Rondo of the Sun & Moon” photoshoot in June (OMG WHERE DID ALL E TIME GO?!). Read my first entry with more write-up about the shoot here.


Special thanks to all the photographers and helpers involved that helped made the shoot such a comfortable and enjoyable one despite the humidity and mosquitoes! Also major love to my Miku, Inuran for being such a cute Miku Open-mouthed smile

Photos By: :iconzerartul: & Brian Lim
Hatsune Miku: :iconototsuki:
Megurine Luka: :iconelpheal:

Helper: Joel


Pimping Inuran as Hatsune Miku before I spam photos of erm…me =x Isn't she cute ^^? I think innocent and moe looking character suits her a lot =)



I’m sure many people will wonder how we achieved this dynamic picture. You might not believe it but this was shot with just me doing a 120 degree turn while holding my rapier. There was no natural wind, neither was there a helper to help me flip my wig.

The backlit light is a real sun setting but of course, colours is tuned in photoshop by Brian.


Zeratul made me look super tall here *hearts*


This marks the end of my photo pimp. I’m sorry I talked so little, the photos silenced me XD Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the photos because they were a lot of hard work from both the Cosplayer and Photographers. Leave me an encouraging comment if you liked it XD!

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