Taiwanese Cosplayer Neneko (Photo pimps)


Last weekend saw the march off of the annual Cosmo Youth Parade.

“ COSMO Youth Parade is a youth-initiated parade event held annually in Singapore. Supported by the National Youth Council and MCYS.

COSMO aimed at increasing awareness through a public showcase of youth interests and talents to their peers and the public. Each year, thousands of avid cosplayers, youth leaders, volunteers and students converge in a colourful display of youth vibrancy, to inspire other youth to take a step towards realising their dreams. ”


The Parade Ambassador for this year is the ever kawaii Neneko from Taiwan. Famous for her Ahri ( League of Legends) cosplay, Neneko is a 16 years old cosplayer with 4 years of Cosplay experience ( information from The Neo Tokyo Project).

My schedule didn’t allow me the chance to interview her so pop over to the other blogs if you’re keen to read about her opinions.

I did though, managed to snatch some photographs of her from Brian who went. And I’d have to say, this girl really has 1001 poses xD Enjoy!


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