Idol M@ster Photo Shoot!

A few years ago, Hoshi invited me to join her massive idol m@ster group. We had everyone, a grand total of 12 girls xD In the same year , we also performed 2 idol m@ster dance routine. It was difficult to get the steps right but on hindsight, I think we all had fun xD

Due to the sheer size of the group, getting together for a photoshoot proved to be difficult. Which is why, 3 years later , this is still the only proper solo picture I have of my Makoto Kikuchi !

I grew tired of waiting and decided its high time I do some house keeping and do a proper shoot with some of my old costumes before they end up flaking and peeling like my Eclair and Tifa Lockheart. Yes, bet you didn't know I cosplayed Tifa Lockheart before because I barely had any pictures xD !

So I endeavoured on a blackmail and threaten persuasion mission to get Gin, Maria and Yuanie to don their old costume again.

Another reason why the shoot dragged for so long was the difficulty in finding an appropriate place for a shoot. Since the girls from iM@s are duh, pop idols and the costumes we have of them are their stage costume. It didn't seemed right to place them in a non stage environment. All in all, we were stuck trying to find a right location and finding a photographer!

And that was when Dee from Cheezz invited me to have a shoot session with their newly opened studio! Talk about timely!

Cheezz Studio is a self portraiture studio that sets itself to be a conducive environment for anyone and everyone to well, take pictures of themselves! Pretty unique idea isn't it ?

A few years back, I also had a similar business concept which I obviously didn't work on. So when Dee from Cheezz emailed me, they immediately caught my attention.

Strangely enough, despite having similar business concept, I still found myself with scepticism. I mean, you mean I stand in front of a camera, pose and take photos of myself by MYSELF??!! Awkward much! Frankly, I wasn't sure if I would have fun but heck, I needed some proper pictures of Makoto and we went ahead!


And we were all pleasantly surprised!

We were told it was an enclosed private area with a vanity table, changing room and all. But we didn’t quite expect the place to be so well equipped, easy to use and cosy!



There was also a “Music booth” corner xD. The moment Yuanie found out there was an iPhone dock to blast music, she wasted no time volunteering her phone xD

Time for our MASSIVE photos spam! Click on the thumbnails to view the full picture.

IMG_3221 editIMG_3272 editIMG_3230

IMG_3253 editIMG_3309 editIMG_3312


IMG_3459 - Copy

IMG_3276 editIMG_3315IMG_3335

I can’t believe I placed my black heart shaped brooch on the wrong part of the collar >.< And I once again, forgot to bring her earrings and bangles =(

IMG_3245 editIMG_3246IMG_3275

IMG_3288 editIMG_3286




It was kind of awkward to openly camwhore at the beginning but our craziness soon kicked in and warmed up to the idea. And in the 1.2 hour we were there, we managed to spam over 300 photographs xD !


Before we knew it, it was time to return the remote control. 



All in all, it was a really fun session! Not just because of the photo taking but because of the mini bonding session. We had so much fun just being silly and trying out different props and poses! The variety of props really helped spice things up xD.




Even though I was invited by Cheezz Studio this is not an advertorial and I don't earn anything in return. But regardless, I think the entire self portraiture concept is really cool and comfortable. I use the word comfortable because as I’ve mentioned previously, the studio was ours alone during the shoot and it was a really cosy and private space that allowed us to explore all the poses we’ve never had the chance to. Damn that sounds wrong! LOL!

I mean, I’ve cosplayed for quite a period of time and I’ve watched quite a bit of modelling reality programme *gets bashed*. And this was the first time I could actually put all the posing tricks I’ve learnt to use. Of course it’s not like I can’t utilise posing techniques with a human photographer. It’s just that when the camera is perpetually in a static position and you’re in charge of the shuttle, you know exactly who to compliment when the photo comes out good. You’re totally in control! Open-mouthed smile


Of course the studio has it’s limitation. Most notably the stationary position of the camera and limited backgrounds. But nevertheless, it is still a studio that offers a very unique service xD

Cheezz should seriously come up with some Valentines Day or Gal’s Party package soon. I would love to ‘buy’ a session for a girl friend’s birthday and I’m sure Boyfriends would score pretty high if he planned a session at Cheezz for an Anniversary or date XD.

OMG I can’t believe how long I spent doing this entry! Scouring through the 300 over photos and editing some of them @_@. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them. Comment and share with me which photos are your favourites xDDD

iMas Chezz Studio

Tel: +65 6333 3128
Address : 5 Selegie Road #03-15
Parklane Shopping Mall Singapore 188307

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