Tiger & Bunny Live Action movie announced!

The official Tiger & Bunny team have announced the making of not just 1 but 2 T&B movie in 2012!


Official website: http://www.tigerandbunny.net/

While we await more information about the movies, let’s check out some snippets from the Tiger & Bunny Hero Awards last Sunday (13th Nov 2011).

“ November 13 (Sunday) at Kanagawa Prefectural Hall, "TIGER & BUNNY" NEXT PROJECT is a first in the "" TIGER & BUNNY "HERO AWARDS 2011" was held. Was done in two day-night performances This event is also conducted at movie theatres nationwide live viewing. 105 theatres nationwide, 191 screens combined day and night, people have gathered over 35,000 fans, the number of live viewing screen, the new Japanese achieved a record. ”

NOVELs performing the 2nd Opening song “Missing Link

Tamaki performing the 2nd Ending Song “Mind Game


And they even got suit actors to perform!!! check out the awesomeness of their suit >.<! After my trip to Cosmania, I'm even more intrigued by suit cosplayers *_*

Photos taken from: http://www.tigerandbunny.net/next/ha2011_report/index.html 

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