Tiger & Bunny, Final Episode airing in Japan

This is nothing Cosplay related but because it’s awesome so I’m blogging about it.


As we know, the highly popular Anime Series; Tiger & Bunny ended it’s first season last Saturday .

The popularity of the series proved itself when the Fans filled up 46 Movie theatre screens country wide to watch the Live-Viewing of the final episode along with special appearance by the Seiyuus & Staff. According to Reiko, that’s like 22,000 fans!

Obviously, I wasn’t able to participate but my ever kawaii ‘Ex-Boyfriend’, Reiko was. And she wrote a very detailed journal of it HERE!!!!!!!!

I admit I’m not the biggest T&B fan around but I can so imagine the joy of walking into a Movie Theatre and it gets dominated by the poster of the Anime title I’m about to watch! And the excitement of watching it along with hundreds other supportive fans.

Need I expound further xD?!

Makes me wonder if the fandom in Singapore (or any other countries other than Japan) would ever reach such a standard. A situation where by the demands of the Fans are hard to ignore and the fans actually have some power xD


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