Announcement: Semi-Hiatus

Hi peeps, I have an announcement to make.


It's not a big deal but I thought I should inform you guys that this blog is going on a Semi hiatus. I hesitate to say ‘Hiatus’ in full hence a ‘Semi-Hiatus’. I’m sure I could have just disappeared but I feel it’s my responsibility (and stupidity) to inform. I just feel better being upfront =D

This hiatus thought have been pending since forever but stuffs just kept piling in.

With Cosplay: The Series finally ending season 1 and WWCPJ on stand still (we're waiting for the parcel to arrive!), I decided that this will be the best time for me to slack off a little and ponder about other things in life such as answering the question; Am I a cosplayer who blogs or Blogger who cosplays?

Nothing big or drama. I just really, really, really need a break. Juggling work, social life (or lack of!), Cosplay, Video and blog is really toiling me. And the recent wonder about ‘worth’ is making the climb extra tough.

It’s ironic how a blog about a specific hobby indirectly distant me away from said hobby.

Don’t worry, I won’t be away for long, probably just a week or so, maybe even earlier! So don’t give up on this blog yet! The writer just need some time to clear her horribly piling Cosplay and Video backlog.

Like I mentioned, nothing big and drama. I just really miss watching anime without feeling guilty. I miss cosplaying and most of all, I miss rolling on my bed with a good book or manga.

TCC’s facebook account will continue to stream with nonsense from me though.

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