Cosplay: The Series (Ep 8 review)

If you're upset Episode 7 was a mere 2 minutes, Episode 8 is here to make up for it! Lasting a total of 6:16 minute, episode 8 is jam packed with Kpop dance cover and original cosplay skit performance.

Continuing the storyline from before, Q-Cosushinkai discovered the twins were actually sent by Sukma to reck havoc and decided to turn the table on Sukma by getting the twins on their boat.

To make up for their wrongdoings, the twins contacted Indonesian mangaka Is Yuniarto to help clear the bad name of the club.

Watch your favourite Durarara character dance to Super Junior's Sorry Sorry now xD My personal favourite would have to be the prelude to the dance cover and the flicking of the lights xD SATURDAY NIGHT FEVARRRRR!!!!

Cosplay: The Series is coming to the end of Season One soon (tomorrow will be Season 1's grand Finale), what do you guys think about this fan series? Any comments or ideas for season 2? Comment away and share with us!

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