Introduction to cosplaying as Kagamine Rin

Hi guys! I’m back with a video and entry to give prospective Kagamine Rin/Len cosplayers an insight into the making of the default Vocaloid costume.
This is NOT a tutorial entry but I’ll try to give as much tips as I can and hope you guys like it. Here goes!
*Videos and photos inside*

The Headphone

My headphone was graciously made by Yuanie who was my Kagamine Len. And she had a method quite different from Inuran’s.

My Kagamine Rin headphones is NOT done using this method. But you might wanna check Inuran’s method out if you’re interested.

It is done with a normal hairband as a base. The earpads are primarily made with cardboard and white foam. The coloured parts are mostly either coloured paper or vinyl tapes.
Body of the microphone is made with bendable wires and wrapped with white vinyl tape while the tip itself is made by coiling white foam around the wire and sealing everything up with vinyl tape again.
You can attach the ribbon to the hairband by gluing it directly. Or you can do it like me, attaching the ribbons to 2 ( I used 2 for security) rubber band and then tying it onto the hairband. Whichever method you prefer would work fine.
I chose to attach the ribbon to the hairband with rubber bands because I wanted it to be flexible. So if I ever want to use the hairband for other purpose, I can.

The Arm Warmers
The arm warmers are done with a very straight forward pattern which I’ll cover that in the future. The LCD patterns on the arm warmer are created with black foam and green velvet cloth. I stuck them on to the Arm warmers with double sided tape, which is a bad choice ^^;

Below's a video to teach you how to make Arm Warmers.


A small tip for those who are having problem acquiring thick black foam. An alternative is to snip them from any old foam mouse pads. They work just as remarkably and you’re helping the environment! ha-ha.

The Belt

The belt is basically a cloth tube with the edges sewed in. For the triangles, we cut a bunch of diamonds from some yellow velvet and stuck them on to the fabric tube with fabric glue. According to Yuanie, you can use white glue too.
Kagamine RIn belt

I did my costume in a rush so please don’t mind the ugly stitches =\

The Costume
The costume is just a simple sailor fuku kind of top without sleeves. The more confusing portion would be the musical note on the chest area. It is done by tracing the note on the back of a piece of velvet and then cutting it out. We then stuck the note on to the costume with fabric glue.

My pants are just store bought black shorts.
I’m not exactly sure if you guys would enjoy entries like these so…comment and let me know if you would like to see more ^^ !!

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