Worldwide Cosplayers Photo journey: 1st Receiver!!!

Thank you to all those who expressed interest in the project!! With the help of the randomising program, I finally selected the first receiver!!!!!

Asakura Haruto, please email me your mailing address and other details ^_^ Go brainstorm on how you wanna decorate the scarf naos!!!!


For the rest of you who wants to be the next participant! I highly suggest you leave a comment below, stating why you are interested, how you intend to decorate the scarf, what you would want to send out as a souvenir and where (country/state) you are from. Of course, don’t forget to leave some form of contact (email, websites, blogs etc?) so that Asakura Haruto can decide if she wanna send it to anyone you guys ^_^!!!!

Once again, I’m very very touched by the overwhelming response and hope everyone will continue to support this project T_T!!! Im sorry not everyone could get a chance to be part of it but *sniffs* thank you for your hearty response and participation! Remember to keep track of this blog and the blogloc to see where the article goes to next.

To Asakura haruto, babe~ remember to email me your mailing address^_^ .And after you receive the article, remember to email me so i can update the blogloc!!!

As mentioned in my previous entry, I’ll be doing up a short Vlog of myself sending out the article! So to the future participants, you are free to do a similar video and post a response video to mine if you like ^_^

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