WorldWide Cosplayer Photo Journey: Participants call!

EDIT 2: OMG, its now 1:25am over at Singapore so that means, today is the DEADLINE!!!! Hurry up and comment if you are keen on participating!!! To all those who expressed immerse interest, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the randomising program to pick the best/right person!!!!

ALSO, just to let you guys know, any further updates on this project will be over at the main page of this blog. So don’t just bookmark this entry^^! You’ll miss out new updates !

The selected receiver’s name will be

announced at the main site . I think there’s already too much information on this entry haha ^_^;

I’m still figuring out how I can make this project run more interactive…so bear with me for the moment. I might do a live stream or live youtube capture of the selectign process hahaa. Not sure what I would do though, what do you guys think?


EDIT: Seems like people would like to know how I’m picking my next receiver. The fact is, I’m going to be using a randomizing program to help me select my next receiver based on the comments on this entry ^^. I think that is the most fair and un-bias option. But I will manually disregard any Cosplayers located in Singapore now to be in compliance with the rules =)

So, if you really wanna Up your chances of being the 1st receiver…I guess you can try commenting more ^^ LOL

Introduction video!

13thDec08_EOY 037

Hi people! with many encouragement from you guys, I'm going ahead with the Worldwide Cosplayers Photo Journey project and I’m calling out for any willing participants ^_^!!!!

Let me start with a bit of introduction about the project.


About the Project:

I'm sure we've all received chain mails before. Now this project is something similar but with more fun and minimal maliciousness.

050620101616 copyObviously I’m not gonna send my digital camera out, it is for demo purpose only XD 

I’ll start by sending out a snail mail (yes, you heard that right) with a disposable camera and scarf to a foreign cosplayer (meaning, someone outside Singapore).

Then the cosplayer will take a photo of herself/himself/costumes/event/room/figurine collections/ props etc,  write/decorate his/her well wishes for 2011 on the scarf and then send it to ANOTHER cosplayer in either another State or Country.

This snail mail link will go on and on until either

1) camera runs out of negatives/battery
2) 2 weeks before Christmas 2010.

The last person will send it back to me and I will post everything here.


Objectives of this project:

  • To come together as a global community to give our most sincere well wishes for the year ahead
  • To promote and encourage intercontinental interactions between cosplayers
  • To promote cross cultural harmony and understanding
  • To inject fun and excitement into our lifes!


Rules & guideline  for participants:

Before you put your name up for participation, read the rules and guidelines below. The rules below are designed to help regulate and ensure the success of this project. If you agree to participate, please kindly abide by the rules.

  1. The mail can stay with any one person for a maximum of 5 days. Meaning, you must take a photo, doodle/decorate the scarf and send it out within 5 days!  This is so that as much cosplayers can be involved in the project as possible within the timeframe=)
  2. Every participant is restricted to only ONE PHOTO. To allow as many cosplayers to be involved as possible, please leave the negatives for the people after you =)
  3. The person you send your article to must NOT be in the same geographic location as you are. They must either be from a different country or state.
  4. Every participants, upon receiving the mail, MUST EMAIL ME (elpheal (a) with the following information so I can update the blogloc for the article =).
    Your cosplay nickname:
    Country & State:
    Your website (Deviantart, cure,, blogs etc):
    Next receiver’s name & email:

  5. It is hihgly encouraged that you communicate with your ‘receiver’ before mailing the article out. Just in case they go on a long holiday or are actually unwilling to take part.
  6. Please take every reasonable and possible care of the items in the envelope
  7. There is no limitation to any countries. Everyone is free to join!
  8. Participants are encouraged(but not mandated) to send small personal gifts of local souvenirs to the next receiver.  This is to help promote cultural exchange =)
  9. Please understand, as this is a non commercial project, shipping fees will have to be undertaken by each individuals
  10. It is NOT mandatory for you to cosplay in the photo.
  11. NO blood, gore, violence, pornography or sexually explicit photos to be taken. I won’t publish them if I deem them unfit.
  12. You can take photo of anything you want other than the above, but is highly encouraged to have some sort of relation to Anime, Manga, Games or Cosplay.


If you’re keen to join the bandwagon and would like me to send the article to you, please leave a comment below now! I will select one of the commenter to be my next receiver. 

Deadline for participating to be my next receiver is next friday

11th June 2010 midnight

UTC/GMT +8 hours!!

After the deadline, I will announce the selected participant’s name here on this blog and the selected participant will email me with their mailing address and contact details ^_^

I had wanted to get you guys to leave your email in the comments so I can contact you directly but feared for your privacy so I’ll need you guys to come back and see the ‘results’ one week later =)

Singaporeans who want to take part, fret not! After this first ‘ participants calling’, I’ll be setting up another entry/page for anyone who wishes to join the project to comment and let their intentions be known. Then the person who got the article but don’t know who to send it to can come back to that page and look for their ‘next receiver’.

30jan10_SOYB 114

I hope all my instructions were clear! Feel free to ask any questions if you well, have any ^_^!  Hurry, comment now and tell me you wanna take part!!!

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