Starfest 2010 !

Yesterday saw the pre-preliminary round for Singapore’s World Cosplay Summit contestants! I had some errands to run that afternoon so I missed the performances.


Kamen Rider booth.

Can’t seem to find any uploads on Youtube yet. Seems like it will take another day or two.

To fill the void, here’s some event photo coverage by yours truly. Not top notch quality but hope you guys enjoy it! much thanks to all the cosplayers who posed for me =)

Massive Photo spammage ahead!!!!!


P1110856P1110861 P1110863

Caught in action photos of Jesuke , who according to Ash, is being ‘sexy’ XDDD


With the very pretty Peggy =)


Idol masters!

P1110867 P1110876  

Fate Stay Night and EVA?

P1110877 P1110879

Victhebakasaru as Ranka! Kira!


Can you guess who’s back is this xD?

P1110881 P1110889

Raistline and Ayatenshi as characters from Blazblue. Was great talking to them about their korea trip. Seems like they really enjoyed it. They had the chance to mingle with some Japanese , Korean and Thailand cosplayers.


And according to Raistline, the Japanese cosplayers even have a folder of their past works and their accolade along with them! Yes, A PORTFOLIO/RESUME OF THEIR COSPLAYS HOMG *jaws drop*

I guess this is what we call, Professional huh?

P1110885 P1110896


Dolls displays

P1110899 P1110900


I made her do this hurhurhur =X


Cutepetz promoting this new maid cafe that will be opening in September! P1110912

Great, another hang out place to look forward to =)

P1110904 P1110905

Check out the peek-a-boo lampshade!



P1110951 P1110952 P1110958

P1110960 P1110962 P1110973 P1110974

There were so much Vocaloids yesterday. I think there is a minimum of 5 pairs of Kagamine Len & Rin ^^;


Kagamien Rin & Len, ‘Paper Plane’  version



Doujin and artwork corner


P1110925P1110916 P1110915

‘Dreaming Little bird’ version of Vocaloid!

P1110918  P1110929 P1110932 P1110947 P1110939 P1110930

Camwhoring with Sakurazaki XD


K-On ! Mugi looks so kawaiii~!


Alright, this marks the end of my Starfest entry xD Much apologies for my massive photo spammage and for the lousy quality of my camera T_T

I arrived a little too late to give you anymore interesting footage. but the event is generally tiny so there' isn’t much to rattle about. But still, it makes me look forward to Cosfest xD

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