OTACOOL 2 scans!

OTACOOL 2 Official website: http://www.figure.fm/feature/en/otacool/


Much thanks to Zeratul for sharing this link! Finally, we can all have a preview of this much talked about and drama inducing book!

Originally uploaded by Akitafuki at Flickr is the 27 pages of OTACOOL 2. Before anyone blast us for spreading piracy, let me defend ourselves a little.

Firstly, I believe visual evidences are necessary to spread passion and interest. Secondly, passion and interest are necessary to cajole and ignite interest in purchasing the book. Thirdly, I personally think Akitafuki was conscious enough to not upload high resolution photos of the book. It is at the size that is enough to drive interest but not enough to overtake the book.

Without further ado, view the slideshow here!!!



Feeling the trills now? Buy your own copy of Otacool 2 at the online retailers below!

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