Rude Cosplay Photographers

Any cosplayer who has been in the community long enough would have seen or at least heard of such incidents.

..................... RUDE Event attendees or photographers.

Or anyone armed with a recording device, DSLR cameras or mobile phone cameras. Insensitive people who are total strangers to you and pointing their devices 10cm away from your face.

Maria just sent me a video by this very spirited cosplayer nicknamed Cattypatra. Much compliments to her for having so much guts to do this video. Even though her language may be a little unsave for work/kids xD

As can be seen from this entry here.... direct video evidence of such rude acts, Cattypatra's rants are not unfounded.

Quite strangely, despite my long years of cosplaying I've been lucky to not have any such uncomfortable incidents. Must be my evil aura that drips with murderous intention =_=||||
But I've been hearing and hearing people around me complains about their unhappy incidents since forever!

So any cosplayers who have similar experiences care to share with us? LEave a comment below! Show your rage!!!!!!!

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