Cosplay MTVs

It's all the trend now isn't it? A couple of friends and I am had this idea of doing some cosplay videos since god know when but we never got around to doing it =( I blame life, time and money =(

Anyway, with the advancement of technology made more accessible to everyone these days. Fan Cosplay MTVs are popping up everywhere and constantly making my gawk at the quality of it.

Let me introduce to you peeps some cream of the crop =)

These two are really cute aren't they =3? And their photo quality are so good T_T

The special effects blew me away. Especially as an amateur video maker like myself, I understand the difficulty of creating those. I seriously need to buck up my skills=_=

ARGH! *claws blackboard* Canon EOS D5 Mark II HD EF24mm 1.4L !!! SUPER CLEAR QUALITY !!!!
I . WANT. IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn!

On a totally different note, there's been a lot of rumour that the taller Miku in this video is actually a MALE. CAn anyone verify that D:?

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